Life is simple rather effortless if a human is biologically not related to anyone, as of robot . In this way people live single, independent, unrestricted, self governing etc . Being single makes him empty within. Independent makes him ignorant of his responsibilities .The word responsibility is an unknown stranger. Unrestricted makes him wild ,undisciplined. Self governing makes him a beast deprived of feelings. A moron defines his own abilities eventually defying himself . However, a true leader is born from within just like Phoenix rising from its ashes.

 HowPride in himself’ contradicts ‘Everyone is proud of him’.
   ‘Faith in his abilities’ contradicts ‘Faith in someone’s abilities’
 ‘confident in his skills’ contradicts ‘Ignorant of other’s skills’
Life is a very tough journey where failures meet us day to day. Trying and learning to face failures in an ordinary thing in every person’s life. Trying to make someone else rise above their expectations is an extra-ordinary thing. As a human is liable to err, it might feel quite unfortunate to brighten up someone’s life by swallowing our ego. But the one who lifts up someone’s life will definitely get glorified and this marks the difference. The outcome might not be fruitful immediately but definitely. Value of rising high in life is known to a person who has fallen down a number of times. 

Hunger and slavery is not poverty, but it arises due to stone-hearted people around us. Helping others, getting good in return might sound like a magical fairy in fairy-tales but the satisfaction is everlasting. What else can give the pleasure of boosting the confidence and ambitions of a person to support himself and his family. Helping others need not be a measurable or a physical quantity. Even mental support stands high in life because the effect of a Tsunami is actually known to helmsman and not to the reporters. Hope is a bliss created in someone’s life. Why don’t we help others to paint their lives as we paint ourselves on our endless journey…


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