Overthinking-Analyzing vs negativity

We spend a lot of time thinking about various aspects. We think about our insta followers, breakfast menu, our to-do activities and also how the things are going on around us. Thinking is very essential in one’s life. A quote follows in this aspect, ‘If we stop thinking, we stop living.’ But, to what extent do we need to think? More importantly, about what should we  think deeply, and where to put a full stop. Where to let it go?

Community. Peer. They not only blend us into better, but also trip us at times. We usually analyse other’s behaviour towards us, and also how we behave in many situations. Our mind questions us? Have I done the right thing? Is it appropriate now?  What do they think of me? By analysing ourselves, we find answers to such things. This is good as it creates better ‘us’. However,  everything has its time and perspective. Sometimes, things may not be clear to us at that instant, but time may provide a better answer. Of-course, there are trivial things too. We need not analyse every situation our eyes meet. If we do so, we only float in a river of un-necessity. Often simple situations toss our ego, puncture our feelings. At this junction, we tend to think over it repeatedly, filling with thoughts. Overthinking replaces thinking. Eventually “Anger inside” develops over people. So we tend to become turbulent finally ending in a state of mixed thoughts enhancing negativity.

A small joke is labelled comment.
A late reply can stir thousand thoughts.
Negativity overpowers our virtues eventually.
Overlooking a situation is the seed from which the tree of negativity sprouts.

Sometimes, we over-analyse our friends, fun becomes offence, friendly sarcasm devastates our ego eventually ending the relationship in an arena of doubts. we analyse a friend to overcome his mistakes. Though it is important, eventually we dwell only on his mistakes painting ourselves a picture of critics leading to a MISUNDERSTANDING. We forget that our role is only to notify him of what it is, leave the remedy to him. Respect his choices and opinions. Place yourself in someone else’s situation and imagine yourself in it. It maybe the best at that situation.

In relationships, we cannot expect perfections owing to their own imperfections.

Clarification about misunderstanding cannot rebuild a relationship as it stood, just like invisible scars on our heart. People’s instincts changes according to their mood. Why do we need to think, ‘someone’ is hurt, humiliated, critisized with our words? Is thinking, the solution in every situation? It is better to realise the light of the moment.



To me ‘Overthinking’ is not a matter of brain, but purely heart. Basically over-thinking arises from Depression.Situations in one’s life pave way to Depression where the person becomes over-sensitive. Overthinking and oversensitive are highly inter-connected . The mindset of a person is developed with his experiences happening around him from birth to death. The incidents in the early stages of life effect him throughout. Depression starts with pain and ends with being oversensitive.

In the early stages of life, probably in childhood,
when parents don’t encourage your talents.
 siblings don’t enjoy your company.
cousins aren’t ready to accompany you.
 neighbours pointing out your disabilities.
friends abandon you.
relatives humiliating you.

Eventually he stops trusting himself, gives lot of importance to undeserved people. Impressing people is not his criteria but applauses enhances his spirits. Every inch of life is troubling when he is already in trouble. He misinterprets an Ant to be a Snake just because both of them crawl on the ground. Forgets the idea of sharing his feelings with the so called closed ones. ‘Everyone have their own way of understanding and assuming things’. Never wants to hurt others because he knows ‘how that feels’. Relations matter much more than ego, therefore he readily apologises even if it is unnecessary. Gives priority to people and becomes emotionally imbalanced if it is not repaid. But he will definitely realise ‘priority has become a matter of seasons’.

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