A Girl Dreams with her eyes open

Toru Dutt, the poet of Casuarina Tree depicts her love towards the casuarina tree reminiscing her childhood memories with the tree. Toru Dutt’s love towards the tree reminds me of the love of the parents towards a young girl.

Love and affection of parents always showers upon a girl just like the Casuarina Tree  adorned with birds, flowers and bees.

The society seem to encourage a girl to equalise a man with all the strength and courage just like the trunk of the Casuarina Tree known as a paragon of strength andgentleness. The sad plight is, they encourage, discourage, ask to compromise and end them in weakness.

The blossom of a flower depicts how the house is enlightened in presence of a girl. Its goodness spreads in the form of fragrance makes it a delightful place to live in.

The commitment of a girl to achieve her dreams. The responsibility of a woman determines what she is. The patience of a mother flourishes the children to lead the future. All these three phases brings up three generations. 
She faces all kinds of humiliations, molestations, embarrassment during her course of life just like the scars on the tree during the life’s weathers swings. The best part is, a girl does not show out the scars of her heart. A strong women was and will be sensitive forever.

Birds build their nests on the trunk of the tree. Protects its offspring from all kinds of barriers just like a women willing to sacrifice anything for the family. Hence called BHAARATHMATHA.

A girl inclined to any kind of situation reminds us of the spirit of the leaves. How the leaves fly in and out in all kinds of weather conditions. Her adjustment and compromise will definitely deserve an oscar in every aspect of life. Be it with parents, brothers, husband, in-laws.
Fantasies of a girl are endless just like the fantasy of the Toru Dutt towards the tree. A girl growing up in a orthodox family wishes to try short skirts. It is just a fantasy, not a vulgar photoshoot. The daughter of a servant working in a rich man’s house want to enjoy rich food, drinks etc. It is just a fantasy, not a greed. A girl wishes to roam at nights with her friends. Have an ice cream, keep walking on the roads or have long rides. It is just a fantasy, not an act of misuse. Everyone wants to try something new which they can’t. Girls dream with their eyes open. 


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