When Religion Overpowers!!

The word ‘Religion’ brings us many places of worship, festivals and enriches us with a glimpse of fainting versions. It has its own place in human history, also has carved and forged many wars.

Superstition has awakened the people. Unimaginative stereotypes is a reality today.

 Browsing the word ‘Religion’, it is termed as ‘faith, belief’ etc. The meaning no longer holds true to the word. How ‘Faith, belief’ in one aspect created diversification in other aspect? ‘Faith, belief’ created dissemblance among people? Does it constricts us to a single thing? Faith is neither singular nor it has a path of single illuminance. Moreover this is not as similar as a wife faithful to only her husband.

Ironically devotion towards one turned into aversion towards another.

This concept is prevailing only in India because the thoughts of the people are too orthodox to worship another religion which does not fall in their line. Religion do not need renovation, thoughts of the people needs renovation. It is to be realised that the orthodoxy should not overpower the truth of veneration and standards of society leading to obscuring lives. The word ‘Religion’ is creating a mask between people. This mask is able to destroy the basic aspects of mankind- social relations, respect, genuineness, generosity etc. People are reluctant to be abstinent inspite of the known facts about killings, hatred-ness, maintaining human relations etc. Differences among people is an apotheosis of pessimistic predictions and actions.

Do we know the scientific significance of Religious customs and practices ? We should reverse engineer our customs and practices. Why?  Many customs, practices are not superstitious. We do not know the mysterious and unknown reasons behind them. This help us to have a broader outlook. We may stumble upon many new things.

God created Humans having same senses, body parts featuring similarity. Humans created religions causing difference in feelings, beliefs and actions. The actions and beliefs preferably set up the mindset of people.

Marrying a person of different religion is a taboo. Why? Is Marriage a coupling between people of same religion, caste, creed, status, profession etc. or is it a bonding of love, affection and understanding??

Is it the same with our teachings of religion? However many similarities hold between the Holy teachings. ‘Be Good, Do good, maintain humanity, respect each other, be virtuous, be united, be faithful, don’t tolerate wrong means, be patient etc. The commonness is not taken into account but the diversion is intensified and contradicted.

In this aspect, the children should grow up learning about good aspects and principals of every religion. Once they understand, why the concept of religion has been forecasted immensely, they are the perfect arbiters.

Gradually they should feel every religion as their own and also appreciate the light of each one.



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