Gossips, informal discussions are common among friends. However, the enthusiasm and interest gets magnified when the discussion turns towards BETTER-HALF or LIFE PARTNER. Guys or girls get fancied into a different magical world soliloquising among themselves in their own dreamland. Gradually an eloquent verbosity with an abundance of words chattering like a clamorous monkey. The chants and volubility of words expressing the qualities of their better-half depicts over-exaggeration and over-obsession with un-imaginary facial expressions with empathetic smiles, giggles and sighs.

The phrases in their usage sounds unoriginal and chauvinistic but their feel of expression is so lively and fascinating. They might seem moronic in their way of diagnosing their heart of joy and desires.

Everyone dreams of their better-half in their own way of perception towards people. Tall, handsome guy or cute looking girl shall be one’s priority. Generous, Extrovertism would be of one’s priority. Compatibility of an Altruist is high with the personality of an another Altruist who wishes for the welfare of others. Every partner enjoys flattering his/her own partner and not anyone else. Any partner would expect a truthful person and who can spend a lot on her financially and personally. A great sportsman would adore another sportswomen. A good dancer adores a dancer. A singer adores a singer.

Everyone adores a BROAD-MINDED girl/guy who tries to abate their weaknesses, encourage them in difficulties, protect them in public, correct them on their defects. At every moment of their life, they never want the one who pretends love, fake actions, hesitate to express feelings, lie about anything. Everyone wishes for a partner who can graph out the unsaid feelings and dreams of her mind come true.

Don’t you think human expect more and more?  Even the infinity gets tired but we don’t realise until we turn blind and consequences of misunderstanding arise. In this attempt, our partner turns out to be more of a luxury than a better-half. We overlook people. We reject them in the process of expectations. Expecting is good, over expecting might cause you bad. Is he/her a sales agent to your comforts and expectations. A guy/girl never thinks, ‘Does looks define a person’? ‘What if she is beautiful but lacks character’? They lower their standards in the process of over estimation and over obsession. Some questions like ‘Am I good looking’? ‘Am i worth enough’? ‘What define me’? should be pondered before fixing our price tag. Rather re-write your checklist.

Should he love me as one of his things or love me as a thing? Building a Taj Mahal is fine? Sacrificing his likes/dislikes for my happiness is true love? Sacrificing his parents for my sake is true love? Upon all that, if he could understand that wife is not only a living being but she is living in/for his expectations and care, if he can replace a mother in bad times, takes the role of a father to always make her feel special and blessed like a Princess, a sibling to fight, share good-bad, advice, one who can consider my parents and his parents are sacred and none can replace them. Is this not enough for any girl? If u can share more interesting qualities, please let out your suggestions. Will be waiting!!


3 thoughts on “MY CHECKLISTS OF LOVE” 3 thoughts on “MY CHECKLISTS OF LOVE”

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  2. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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