Hey there! I am using WhatsApp. This has become a trending uneconomical status nowadays. Everyone must be having their own bunch of huge friends on social media. These E-FRIENDS are quite convenient and best you can get with. You don’t talk to them but you are well updated with what they wear usually, where they party, what kind of books they read, what do they cook, what’s their best pass time etc. You can party with them without spending a penny but just posting a birthday wish on their timeline. Laughing, cheering, enjoying together is no more a matter when we have got memes to tag them. Argument, discussion is a count on number of comments.

21st century has brought us with touch screen and high speed access to internet. Living without food and water is an outdated issue. Can we live without internet is trending now.

😛 Bed Coffee, Good morning’s are served through social media  messages.

Group chats are making indivisual conversations redundant now. Our wakeup experience reminds us of bright sunlight, parents switching off fans, our worst ways of annoying our siblings in waking them up by blasting music or with a heavy ice cold water. Our meal would be a big chatter of words of expressions of how other’s eat and discussing plans for the rest of the day. The scenario has changed now. Extreme peace at the dining table and quite enthusiastic about other’s cooking experiences on WhatsApp.

Damsharas was my favourite playtime in the past. Now , replaced by Dubsmashes and Boomerangs. Anthakshyari was a way of pouring my heart out inspite the harshness of voices and hearts contributing to the global Noice pollution. Now replaced by Earphones so as to avoid someone’s company or just sleep being ignorant of people around us.Past seven stone and maram pithi players are enthusiastically turning mini millitians. Tours, picnics, travel by trains became isolated.

Fight for window seats, looking forward to the snacks available in trains, fun with the co-passengers replaced by#TravelDiaries, #FunWithCousins #APerfectDayout #AmazingScenery.

The insights of the people reaching to an extent of misconceptions among each other. The views and opinions vary among their own way of understanding and perception of things. Universal facts are a matter of controversy now. In the world of people having their own rights and opinions, they are unaware about the factors of ethics, values, true enjoyment, conviction, affection etc. The affection, love towards others in terms of work and usability is prevalent. Self Respect is more of a matter than the respect to be given to parents. Over confidence is a mode of conduct to humiliate the one around us.

Asking for help lessens our Ego. Sharing problems has become a matter of fakeness. Face to Face conversations are fearing the youth in the race of criticism, racism, shy, ignorance etc. Introverts and the pages supporting them are growly largely. Introvert quotes are motivating the society to accept them as they are because they are introverts. Need not bother about changes because they should live as they wish to according to few facts in psychology. But is that truly a life of enjoyment is neither questionable nor answerable. Socialism and social gatherings are at a verge of extinction. Young students are enthusiastic about a day out with friends, enjoy at the beach, visit entertainment occasions, a movie and least interested in attending family gatherings.

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