This blog wishes to create a feeling of reality and originality of the society in today’s world. This blog completely belongs to Indian traditions, indian incidents and everlasting stereotypes still exisiting in the society and effecting people in its own way.

The blog emphasises the inner feelings, sensitivity and dreams of a girl and how they are treated by the society. Nevertheless the girl grows strong  inspite of the imposed feelings and chauvinistic beliefs of people around her. She is habituated to the corrupt, crooked, narrow mindedness.

The blog aims to enhance the uncultured actions happening which should be felt shameful. It also wishes to make a general awareness of many important issues happening in the society. Many crazy, interesting facts will also be discussed. All the general events. topics of nature will be discussed along with the author’s insight. The author’s insight is described in order to depict a feeling of real experience which might provoke other indivisuals reading the post. This blog is the result of a small attempt being made by two indivisuals to depict their emotions and experiences faced during their lifetime.

This would be a great platform to enhance their skills in terms of ideas and creativity. The articles that are posted are not made up or copied. They are the result of our hardwork and emotions. We always followed simple language for people to understand the depth of originality of the moral in the topic. Writing a blog might enhance your vocabulary but our main intention is not to showcase our vocabulary or skill. It is for everyone who reads the post should be connected personally and coherently.