Hey there! I am using WhatsApp. This has become a trending uneconomical status nowadays. Everyone must be having their own bunch of huge friends on social media. These E-FRIENDS are quite convenient and best you can get with. You don’t talk to them but you are well updated with what they wear usually, where they […]


Gossips, informal discussions are common among friends. However, the enthusiasm and interest gets magnified when the discussion turns towards BETTER-HALF or LIFE PARTNER. Guys or girls get fancied into a different magical world soliloquising among themselves in their own dreamland. Gradually an eloquent verbosity with an abundance of words chattering like a clamorous monkey. The […]

When Religion Overpowers!!

The word ‘Religion’ brings us many places of worship, festivals and enriches us with a glimpse of fainting versions. It has its own place in human history, also has carved and forged many wars. Superstition has awakened the people. Unimaginative stereotypes is a reality today.  Browsing the word ‘Religion’, it is termed as ‘faith, belief’ etc. […]


  Life is simple rather effortless if a human is biologically not related to anyone, as of robot . In this way people live single, independent, unrestricted, self governing etc . Being single makes him empty within. Independent makes him ignorant of his responsibilities .The word responsibility is an unknown stranger. Unrestricted makes him wild […]